Captain Doug Slater
(AKA Captain Sluggy)
is a lifelong fisherman and holds a Coast Guard 100 ton Masters license. Captain Sluggy has fished all over the world from Australia to Anegada. Doug lives in NY and keeps his boats in Stamford Ct most of the year. During the winter months Sluggy can be found cruising warmer waters in search of sun, fun and of course, great fishing.

Along for the ride is Jerri whose love for the water rivals that of any of her human companions. Some say she is more closely related to a fish.  Named after her favorite rock star Jerry Garcia she sports her very own dancing bears collar.  A Cheaspeake Bay Retriever, she is always the first one on the boat and the last one to get out of the water.

Kurt Feldhun
(AKA MKTGF pronounced ma-ku-ti-guff and short for Mr. Kurt the Good Fisherman, a name he was given while living with a tribe in Fiji) is an award winning filmmaker and musician.  Kurt has lived in New York, Seattle and Australia and has fished from Baja to British Columbia. He has spent his life in search of fish and great stories. Kurt and Doug have been friends since childhood and have fished  together their whole lives.


Steve Roberts (AKA Steak)

College roommate and best friend of Captain Sluggy's for longer than they like to admit, Steak brings a unique perspective to the show. Subscribing to the old saying that a bad day on the water is better than a good day at the office, Steve moved within walking distance to the water, bought a boat, and has been known to spend all waking hours casting for anything that will bite. He brings his own brand of humor and wit to the show and knows how to keep the cast and crew entertained all day long. His jovial nature and fishing knowledge make him the perfect fishing companion.

Captains Jamie and Amy

Owners of Island Time Charters in Key West, Florida.  This husband and wife team redefine what a day on the water is all about.  Jamie grew up fishing, diving and lobstering in the Keys.  WIth little more than a dollar and a dream, Amy started Island Time Charters in 2007.  Since then she has become world renowned for her prowess with a speargun and a lobster net.  Their philosophy is to provide the best charter experience, period.  A typical day with them goes way beyond fishing and can include scube diving, snorkeling, lobstering and speafishing. Friendly and fun, it makes for an experience the whole family can enjoy.  Check them out at

Captain Champ Smith - Charleston, South Carolina

Champ grew up in Charleston spending all of his childhood either surfing or fishing. As a highschool junior he was invited to St. Thomas; the Blue Marlin capitol of the world. Hooked, he hit the high seas traveling to the best billfishing destinations in the world. In 1991 Champ went back to Charleston to start a family and a shallow water guide service. Being one of the first shallow water guides in the area, Champ was booking more than 300 days per year. More recently he has scaled back a bit in order to commit more time to his family and thriving real estate business. Champ can be reached at 843-884-1811 or email

Captain Bruce Paty (AKA Teddy Bear) - West Palm Beach, Florida

Bruce is a dear friend and lifelong seafarer. Teddy Bear, as he is affectionately known, has spent nearly his entire life on the water fishing and cruising throughout the eastern U.S., the islands of the Bahamas and the entire Caribbean. Bruces career has included time with the U.S. Coast Guard, years commercially and competitively fishing, and also as a private yacht Captain. Currently Teddy Bear is working as a freelance Captain specializing in yacht deliveries, offshore fishing tournaments, and private cruises. He's also great company at the end of a long day fishing, while relaxing and telling stories over a cocktail at the Tiki Bar. Bruce can be reached via email at   Watch Captain Bruce Clip

Captain Joe Shute - Atlantic Beach, North Carolina

Joe was the first full time light tackle inshore guide for redfish and speckled trout in the Cape Lookout area. Capt. Joe started guiding for inshore light tackle fishing over 23 years ago. Over the years Capt. Joe has expanded his guide service to include near shore and offshore light tackle fishing for many different species of fish. In the last 15 years he expanded his guide service to include the ever-growing saltwater fly fishing community. Capt. Joe also opened Cape Lookout Fly Shop, a full-service saltwater fly shop to help serve the fly fishing community in the area. You can reach Joe at 800-868-0941 or e-mail him at

Jeff Rindom - Islamorada, Florida Keys

Jeff Rindom and his partner Vic run Boat Rentals in the Keys ( They have nearly 30 boats for rent throughout the upper keys. Whether you are looking to explore near shore or back country, or simply relax in the sun at the famous sandbar, they have the boat for you. All the boats are well maintained and you can't beat their prices. They can also offer a wealth of advice and information about the area, which only helps insure a great time while you are in their neighborhood. Watch Islamorada Clip

Captain Sal Tardella - Sebastian, Florida / Norwalk, Connecticut

We have been fishing with Sal for years. Sal runs My Bonnie Charters ( In the summer he fishes out of Norwalk Connecticut targeting primarily Striped Bass, Bluefish, Fluke and Porgies. For the past 10 winters Sal has been high tailing down to Sebastian Florida where he fishes inshore for redfish, snook, trout, and scores of other species. Sal is an absolute pleasure to spend a day on the water with. Anglers of all ages and abilities love fishing with Sal.  Watch Sal Clip